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My fascination for music was the reason to learn to play the piano, to study musicology and to start my own company for musicological consultancy. From the start of my company in 1997 I have dealt with a wide variety of subjects, but my focus is on music history, music publishing and music press. I'm pressed by music and impressed by music. This feeling was the inspiration for the company name in English: Impressed by music
In The Netherlands however I use the Dutch name: Druk met muziek, which means busy with music.

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Career (in Dutch)

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Some examples from my portfolio:
  • President of the Dutch Music Publishers Association (VMN)
  • Secretary of the Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation
  • Secretary/treasurer of the Jan Vermulst Foundation
  • Member of the board of directors of PUG (Utrecht provincial society of arts and sciences)
  • International sales of the musicological publications by the Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands (KVNM)
  • Teaching music history and music printing
  • Manager for national booths and stands on music fairs
  • Upgrading of the library of a primary school
  • Bibliography of professor Reeser's publications
  • General register on series Alphons Diepenbrock Brieven en Documenten (letters and documents)
  • Indexing and analyzing the archive of the Alphons Diepenbrock Foundation (thesis)
  • Portrait gallery of female scholars and scientists